Advanced Conceal and Carry


We have a date for our Advanced Conceal and Carry Training course!! 

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Whether you are a new or seasoned CPL holder, this advanced course will take training to the NEXT level. Advanced training will include safe and effective means of drawing a handgun from concealment. Shooting skills will include moving to cover, use of cover, sitting to standing, dealing with common firearm stoppages and malfunctions and a whole lot more. We will train you in various shooting scenarios and push you to the next level. 

**Every Student will receive a printed certificate of course completion!**


Requirements for taking this Advanced Class

  • Must have a current CPL permit or have taken the class awaiting your permit

  • Must have proper footwear- Boots or good tennis shoes.

  • Ball cap 

  • Eye Protection

  • Ear Protection

  • Your own gun

  • 2 Magazines minimum

  • 250 Rounds minimum 

  • Belt and Holster

If you have a problem finding ammo please let us know we have a few resources.