CPL / CCW Class


Michigan law requires that any person qualifying under their guideline take a CPL training certification course before they apply for their CPL permit. Our instructors will walk you through the step by step process educating you both in the class room and on the range.

The first part of the day you will be introduced to your instructors who will walk you through the USCCA Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals before taking the written test. Once you are finished with the written test, we will go over Michigan laws that include purchases, places the law forbids you to carry, what you are and aren't responsible for when interacting with the police, etc. We then head out to the range for the afternoon portion of our class.

On the range we will educate you on gun safety, controlled ways to hold and carry a gun, proper shooting techniques, and also a series of shooting exercises to qualify you for the remainder of the testing. At the end of the day once you have passed your class, you will head home with a new education and also a certificate of passing completion. 

Our One Day Classes include (Must Pay Online or Save Your Seat):

  • Classroom Education and Exam
  • Gun Safety, Range Education